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This is going to be my update blog for my activity as a small time web developement company.


Here is some archive for what I put on the webpage




New Activity!


Firstly, thanks for stopping by! Some new stuff has been posted. If you already are a fan of Kyla’s pictures, you probably already know about her facebook page. Well, now you can share it with others. There is a link in the contacts section of this website. Also, I have posted some stuff from the facebook page to the pictures page. So, go over and look at some of Andrea’s pictures. I will update more once I get a chance. So, if you have pictures and don’t see them up yet, they will be up soon. If you don’t want them up, please let Kyla or myself know (Probably best to tell me… Since I know how to take them down…) and they will either not be posted or will be taken down. Finally, I am still trying to bug Kyla into writing some sort of bio. If it isn’t done soon I may call on people to give me info so that one can be posted. Again, thanks for coming by and any suggestions would be appreciated.


-James “Snupher”

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